Malibu’s Surf Shop has been providing the highest quality surfboards to our customers since 1993. We do not and will not ever carry any Chinese surfboards, pop-outs, or mass produced boards.

All of our boards are hand shaped with the majority being made on American soil. We strive to bring you the best boards in the area and urge you to come check out our selection.

Here is a list of our shapers. God Bless America.

  • MBU Surfboard

    Malibu’s Surfboards

    After years in the process, we have finally nailed down some of the best private label boards on the market. Shaped out of Southern California by a collective of big name shapers, these boards are flawless. All of our team guys are riding them with extremely good feedback. 

  • MBU Surfboard

    Bing Surfboards

    Bing Surfboards was established in 1959 by Herbert “Bing” Copeland. Bing Surfboards is widely recognized as one of the top 10 surfboard manufacturers of the 60s and beyond. Many of the best shapers over the years have handcrafted for Bing, including Donald Takayama, Dick Brewer and today Matt Calvani. 100% made in California. We normally stock Silver Spoons and Gold Standards but customs are available.



  • Ricky Carroll Surfboards

    Previously shaping under the “Local Motion” label, RC is one of those shapers that can do it all. Longboards, shortboards, fishes, funshapes… whatever you need we can get it for you! Ricky shapes out of Florida with Chris Birch and although we normally just stock performance longboards and big-guy fishes, we can get whatever you need custom.

  • Scott Anderson Surfboards

    Started in 1988 by Scott Anderson in his back yard before moving to their present location in California, Scott has been shaping us some of the best longboards, fishes, and quads on this planet. Anderson surfboards and the glassing factory Aquatech have made over 20,000 top end amateur and professional surfboards and longboards using only the latest materials and techniques. We normally stock the Farberow 2 and a couple other longboard models but can get you whatever you need custom.

  • Chemistry Surfboards

    Chemistry was born from the idea of progressive, open minded surfers providing surfers of all skill levels a true custom, handmade product. Embedded within an industry of mass production, Chemistry takes pride in the virtually extinct term of originality. Shaping some of the best shortboards coming out of Southern California, Chemistry has a model to fit every surfer. We normally stock the Beaker and Nucleus model but customs are available.

  • Yater Surfboards

    Reynolds Yater started shaping boards in the 50’s and has been one of the most influential shapers in surfing history. His legacy continues today through his son Lauran who is still shaping out of the Beach House in Santa Barbara, CA. We normally stock the Spoon but can get any custom you may need.

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